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The agreement formed the principle of “mutual coexistence” ( ) between Lebanon’s different sects and their “proper political representation” ( ) as the main objective of post-civil war parliamentary electoral laws.[6] It also restructured the National Pact political system in Lebanon by transferring some of the power away from the Maronite Christian community, which had […]

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A promissory note release is legally binding, as long as its signed and structured with all the necessary information related to that specific loan. This means it would be accepted in civil court, with a credit bureau, or in any other situation where legal documentation of a loan would be necessary. A release of promissory […]

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After spending 25 years in the hospitality industry, working as an executive for a global hotel brand, Kristi Janman decided it was time to pivot her career. She knew she wanted to build a business that enriched the lives of others, but she also knew that she did want to start from scratch. I wanted […]

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B.6.6.5. When such deficiencies are identified they may be remedied by a balancing payment. A tax authority examining a CCA and concluding that an adjustment is required may treat a participant as receiving a notional balancing payment which may result in a corresponding payment being made between the participants. Nevertheless, if a CCA has been […]

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